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Our mission is to bring community awareness of the Lancet Commission's Lifestyle modifiable risk factors that contribute to Dementia.

Lancet Commission: "Modifying 12 risk factors may prevent or delay up to 40% of dementia."

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These resources are a great place to check out to learn more about on how to take care of our brain health

Health Talks with Dr. Trinh Podcast

Join Dr Trinh as he brings on both local and national health experts and leaders of their organizations to discuss the "hot health topics" of the day.


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Dr. Trinh on TV

Watch Dr. Dung Trinh discuss various medical topics that ranges from longevity science to brain health.


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Brain Info Live with Dr Trinh

A Brightfocus Foundation virtual community outreach series hosted by Dr Trinh in the Southern California region bringing a sustained Alzheimer’s education campaign to clinical research centers across the US and addressing equity, diversity, and health disparities.

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Healthy Brain Clinic In The News

Professional Insight: Dr Dung Trinh

What made you want to work in preventative health? My desire to work in preventative health come from the fact that when I was a primary care...

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Dementia Cases Double In Orange County In Less Than A Decade

Dr Trinh's interview with Bill Handel on KFI 640 AM Radio

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About Dr. Trinh


A medical missionary and well-known expert training others on evidence based healthy brain strategies, preventive health and wellness, inflammation, and intermittent fasting.  He serves on the board of directors for both Alzheimer's Orange County and Alzheimer's Los Angeles.  


Integrating a Holistic Lifestyle Approach Combined with Leading Edge Clinical Trials

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